Carlos Aguirre and the Fragments of Desire

Article of the critic Ricardo Arcos-Palma about Carlos Aguirre’s digital artwork on the Chilean art magazine Escáner Cultural, September 2005 issue. A journey through five years of digital creation.


Homage to Bogotá, Tequendama Hotel
Closing of the exhibition Homage to Bogotá on 10th of September 2005, Versailles Gallery, Tequendama Hotel. The event was inaugurated 11th August with more than 200 works of different artists.
Collage Project in Annaberg, Germany
The Collage Project of Jörg Seifert from 2002 to 2005 was exhibited in Annaberg from 22th April to 15th June 2005. 360 artworks of different artists from around the world. A mail art event, a movement generated inside of dada as a net of communication between artists and influenced by fluxus.
Carlos Aguirre in August Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotá
Colombian master Carlos Aguirre is participating in August Salon 2005 of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá with his digital work Dance of Puppets. The Salon begins 6th September. Will be open all month.
Catalunya Contemporary Art Fair
The Catalunya Contemporary Art Fair in Girona (Spain) hosted from 3rd to 6th June 2005 the works of the four campaign Originales Solidarios and Carlos Aguirre is part of it. The donated works will be for sale with united purposes. The money will be used for art teaching in tsunami zone.
Originales Solidarios in Anagma Gallery in Madrid
In 10th may 2005 was inaugurated the exhibition Originales Solidarios in Anagma Gallery in Madrid with the show of the Students of Serra Musical Centre Orchestra and the artist Charo Marín as hostess. Works of children victims of the tsunami were also exhibited. The event ended 24th June.